On the Beach

Beach wedding in Grottammare

Grottammare, the seaside village with Blue Flag of Europe,it is also of great historical, architectural and cultural significance, having very ancient origins. There are traces dating back to the Neolithic in the upper part of the village. A small picnic necropolis dating back to the 7th-5th century BC was discovered in its territory. A wedding on its golden and finest beach, enjoying local produce and gourmet foods and high quality wines, will allow you to immerse yourself in the best atmosphere of a beautiful Italian village overlooking the sea.

• Religious or civil / symbolic marriage ceremony
• Bride and groom + 50 guests
• 4 nights stay in the Marche (for wedding guests and newlyweds) with tour for discover Piceno

• Catholic Religious Rite – Saint Lucia Church (High Country), Church of St. John the Baptist or Church of San Pio V;
• Civic / Symbolic Rite – Private beach of the Chalet Puerto Baloo, Peretti panoramic view of the High Country or in the Orange Theater (indoors) or its loggia (outdoors).

Various types of wedding rings, with jewels and precious coordinated accessories, crafted by the Gatti Jewels goldsmith shop.

Bridal dresses by Atelier Emé (optional). Customized bridal dresses by QR Studio (optional).
Customized dresses, velvet gowns, gloves, shawls, and accessories for haired headdresses with the pillow lace of Offida (three-dimensional flowers for headdresses or floral lace flakes) by Oikos.

Dance performance for ceremony and wedding reception
The show by Hopera Ballet includes:
• 5 dancers including makeup, dancing clothes and dancing hairstyles;
• Choreography can be characterised by historical theme, fairy tale, science fiction, settings of the 1950s, customisation of the theme with eventual involvement of the bride and groom in the dance;
• Classical, modern, contemporary dance, jazz, etc.;
• Service audio-lighting;
• Live music at dinner.
Alternatively or in addition:
Artistic performance for the wedding dinner “The White Moon” by Compagnia dei Folli: very spectacular performance with balloon inflated to helium gas that allows the flight of a dancer.

Services for ceremony
Floral decorations, readings, reception and show spread around the location; Confetti table and scenic table with guest book, wedding cake, decorative elements (candles, candlesticks, fabrics, pillows, glasses for scenery and ceremonial decorations). Coordinated paperwork consisting of tableau marriage, menus, save the date, placeholder, ceremony booklet, cadeaux for guests with confetti bags, flower petals, rice, etc. (Edited by Garini Events).

Photographic and video service
The photographic / video service is performed in the historic center and in the location (from preparations to wedding cake cutting).
Photographic service by Photo Studio Image: Providing digital files with a customised album (both traditional and photobook) and 2 parent books, slideshows with pictures and music – inclusion of the best images on social media and on the website www.fotostudioimmagine.it – Sposi Area.
Video Service by Sushi Adv: Two professional videomakers for the entire duration of the event. Two videos are returned: the wedding trailer takes about a minute and a half and is intended to share social wedding and the wedding film is about 10 minutes and encloses all the unmissable moments of the wedding. Including post-production. It is then returned all the video of the day.

Wedding Dinner Chalet Puerto Baloo in Grottammare

Wedding gifts
Personalised porcelain gifts with initials of newlyweds and floral decorations, crafted by artisan Arte Idea. Wedding favors: silver jewellery, silver key rings for quests, hanmade by Gatti Gioielli goldsmith’s workshop. Pillow for wedding’s rings with pillow lace made by Oikos craftsmenship lace-ups.

Activities for guests (by Food&Relax)
Guided tour of Grottammare village; a day on the beach; guided tour of Ascoli Piceno.

Transport (by Eurosmile and I Travel)
Bus to/from the airport and for the guided tour of Ascoli Piceno, tourist train (from Grottammare to the village) available to guests and possible car (even vintage) for the newlyweds (optional).

Wellness services Hair styling and makeup for the bride (including pre-wedding tests), manicures, bridal pedicure and massage spa area for spouses (Sartarelli Hairdressers).

• PROGRAM > PDF download